It can often get a little – well, ‘really’ hard to get your precious, little, and unfortunately restless baby to get some sleep. Babies can get freaked out at anything; be it a face, a toy, a sound, hunger, poop, or just boredom. Babies cry a lot, and that’s the only thing they can really do to let people know that they’re in some trouble or need something.

This often ends up in disruption of sleeping patterns in babies, as well as whoever looks after them. And no, babies aren’t okay with this either. It can further cause them to lose a significant proportion of the rest that they need, and induce vulnerability to various other problems.

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How You Can Get Your Baby to Sleep Well At Night

Methods like setting up certain uniform routines and being careful with your approach can help you help your baby fall asleep easier. The following are some such procedures:

  • Set up a Routine: Involve your baby in daily routines. Keep your baby active during daytime, and let them fall asleep when it’s night. Setting up a specific routine will make it much easier for your baby to get the rest they need, and for you, to avoid any disturbances from the baby. Stick to your routine for it to work best. However, do not ignore the fact that your baby will often need to get some extra sleep, which is why you should let them nap during the day. Just avoid messing up the regular sleep routine of your baby.
  • Don’t Force It: Be realistic. You can’t force someone to fall asleep. If you try to, it will only annoy you and your baby. Even if your baby’s sleep routine is somewhat out-of-sync with the day, work on it by associating rituals with sleep, and using them in a way to shift the routine to an appropriate time. Also, let your baby have enough sleep and wake time, as your baby’s requirements for rest won’t be the same as they are for you.
  • Associate Activities to Sleeping: Associating certain activities to your baby’s sleep, like rocking your baby or playing a specific tune can ‘program’ your baby into falling asleep as soon as they recognize it.
  • Don’t Use Lights: Using too many lights in your baby’s room or turning them on while your baby sleeps will never help you out. During the initial days of your baby, you need to simulate what the sun would usually do. Moreover, your baby’s brain will automatically assume any light to be a signal that it’s ‘too early’ to sleep.

Remember to Not Induce Fears

A lot of parents do this, and it only results in damage. While it might not seem like anything major to you; to your baby, who has no idea that you’re lying, telling them that a monster would hurt them if they don’t fall asleep is equivalent to what you would feel when you have someone resting a sword on your throat, intending to kill you off any moment you refuse an order. 

Now that you know the tips to let your baby sleep well at night, remember to apply them!