Most Serious Mistakes Parents Make When Educating Their Children

Having a child is a wonderful experience, but it is also a path full of doubts and uncertainties, especially when it comes to their education. In fact, as no book or course can prepare you to educate a child, it is likely that you will make some mistakes, many of them will be mistakes that will not transcend but other mistakes can have very negative consequences for the psychological development of your child so it would be better avoid them.

Believe that your child is perfect

It is one of the most serious and frequent mistakes in early childhood education since parents are blinded by the love they feel for their children and believe that they have no defects, that they do not make mistakes and that they always act with good intention. Obviously, the unconditional acceptance of the child is important because it is the basis of their self-esteem, but this does not translate into accepting all their behaviors as good. Unconditionally accepting the little one means not conditioning your love on his successes and failures, but it is important that the child follows a series of rules and regulations that allow him to coexist adequately with other people.

Be his friend, instead of his father

Some parents worry about “losing” their children’s love and want to gain their trust by becoming their friends. However, while it is important to develop a relationship of camaraderie, based on trust, it is also essential that children learn to respect and obey their parents. Becoming only friends with your child will lead to a permissive educational style that is not beneficial to the child. For this reason, adopting the role of the complacent friend is often a big mistake. It is important to find a middle ground between the authority figure that parents represent and the trust it takes to create a good relationship.

Live through your child

Most parents are proud of their children and their accomplishments, it is perfectly understandable and normal. Remember that your children must make their own decisions and live their own life. They cannot become an extension of you, because they are not a second chance to achieve what you did not achieve at the time.

Forget that the example is worth a thousand words

Parents often use everyday situations as an object of analysis and learning. In fact, long talks, advice, and reflections often come after bad behavior. Talking about bad attitudes and behaviors is positive but words are often not enough, children learn a lot by imitation and they need an example to follow. If you say that you should not lie but then lie, the child will understand that lies are accepted behavior.

Forget what it means to be children

One of the biggest mistakes parents can make is pretending that their children behave like adults. Children should enjoy their childhood and, above all, play, because this is their main learning tool. Later, when they grow up, there will be time for the house to be in order. Of course, it is not about allowing them everything but about giving them some freedom to let their imagination run wild and have fun. Do not overload their schedule with too many extracurricular activities and do not demand much more from them than they can give their age because this way you will only be adding unnecessary pressure to their lives and taking away their childhood.